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The Margottiere appears on the ancient plans of the prestigious vallery castle, as she was for centuries its fortified farm.
Its name might have been inspired by the surname given to Marguerite de Valois: "La Reine Margot" daughter of Catherine de Medicis and wife of Henry the 4th.
The clients of the Margottiere will be able to  discover the castle of Princes and Princesses de Condé during an audio and guided tour of the park as well as the great rooms.
The architect of this Renaissance masterpiece Pierre lescot makes you think of course of the “Cour Carrée” of the Louvres which he did at the same time as vallery.During your stay, you will also be able to discover the many love stories of this good king Henry with Charlotte de Montmorency, resident in vallery, as well as the renaissance gardens of vallery, fruit of an historical conquest.



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La Margottière, 89150 VALLERY (France)
+33 (0)3 86 97 57 97